Carroll County Fair
August 3-7, 2021 at Schell Park, Milledgeville, IL • Facebook Logo Link


Do you need a large venue for your event? A place to store your farm machinery, boat or camper? The Carroll County Fair Grounds are available for all different kinds of events and storage throughout the year.
  • Weddings: $750 with a $250 deposit
  • Birthday or Graduation Parties: $250 with a $125 deposit
  • All other events: Call (815) 499-7416 for pricing
  • Camping with unit: $20 per day
  • Camping with tent: $10 per day
  • Week of Fair camping (Sunday through Saturday/NO EARLY CAMPING): $100 flat rate
Storage is available from the third Saturday of October (open to put in 8am-1pm) through the third Saturday of April (open for removal 8am-1pm).
  • Small boats/campers: $175
  • Bumper hitch/5th wheel campers/pontoons/large boats, etc.: $200 ($100 late fee per month after removal date. Items not picked up on removal date will be moved elsewhere on the premises as the buildings are often scheduled for other uses.)
  • Farm machinery/equipment: $40 per item

Updated 7/5/21. All groups must have proof of insurance, listing the fair as an additional insured. All prices subject to change.